Friday, 5 June 2015

Mumbai the city that taught me LIFE...

I wonder, the day I landed here for the first time...It was drenched with rain and smelling awesome. Awesome?? Really? Yess..Because I love rain like a crazy little girl, no matter how old I am right now. I was awake almost through out my journey from Hyderabad. In the midnight the train halted at a place and I came to see fog outside. It was not the usual time of fog, as there was no rain and winter that time. I closely observed the station name and saw Lonavla...I said like what?? Is it this, really? Like a lost child I was wondering in my mind that what if I get down here and see the place, but I did not. I stopped my mind rather and continued the journey. The night looked amazing outside, when I peeked down the city of Pune from the hilltop. The journey through the tunnel was beautiful and left me speechless, stars and the twinkling lights of the city really won my heart.
I love travelling, alone or with family doesn't matter, but I love to explore places, people and cultures in short. Then the train started chugging down the hill and kept its pace and I don't know when I reached Dadar station. My friend came to pick me up and I happily got down to explore more of my dream city. Yes, Mumbai is my dream when I was a little girl still to finish school. We then hired a rickshaw and made the journey to his place. It was a short drive of around half an hour. Getting rested for few hours, my exploration of the city started.
After like ages I again came to this city to attend an interview at IIT Mumbai, then I came here with my brother. We had some sightseeing. Went to gateway of India, Juhu beach, Mahalaxmi Temple and then my stay became permanent. We rented a place and started going to work, intially it was scarry and I was nervous. But the people at work and my Boss made life happy at office. Eventually my brother went away and I started living all alone in this big city. I got new friends and life went on.
I kept changing jobs and, making new friends. They became like like a virtual family of mine, sharing the ups and downs of my life and never leaving me alone.
Destinty plays a great role in making or breaking your life, but for me it tested my patience. After 2 years of being in Mumbai, I got the shock of my life. My mother has been diagnosised with severe cardiac ailment and surgery was needed. I went to help her recover, stayed there post surgery and came back. But then tragedy has to strike again, my Dad got a brainstroke right after 3 months and I lost all the faith I was putting up to be strong. I caught my first flight the next morning and flew to Bhubaneswar and then by bus to Berhampur, where he was admitted. After that we shifted him to Vishakhapatnam for a month and he recovered a lot. When we got him to Berhampur, Mom was scared seeing him so fragile. Then exactly after 2 weeks Mom left us forever, wondering to pick our own pieces. I was speechless as to whom I would console?
It was a long way, I held my family together and got Dad to Mumbai for rehab..really life was tough and Mumbai taught me to be strong and holdon...

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