Thursday, 14 August 2014

Another Saturday at Office and yummy food by colleagues

It's another Saturday, as we all planned to have a complete menu of lunch, which is made by each of us. Today's recipe was Fried rice / Pulav, Aloo paratha, Surprise by Pihoo and yes Papad by me. In the morning we all were giggling about lunch time. When it arrived we started opening our boxes and serving each other. As usual Phulwa was out of the team and we dint bother to ask what she got. But, again she started asking for what we all got, some people doesn't know how to maintain relations. Moreover lunch was awesome.
One of my old colleague from my last company came for an interview. We were chatting at lunch when he was having his interview. The food was delicious, oops! i got scolded by my friends.. Guess why? Because, I forgot to take salad, I said sorry and the next weeks menu got decided on the table.

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