Friday, 5 June 2015

It's Reunion time

After ages it seems, I am back in my dream city. Yes, you are right, Mumbai. The magic doesn't lie in the city, the bunch of friends I have, who stood by me when life was going against me. The city has charm, because my friends are there.
There is a famous saying..THE SHOW MUST GO ON. When my coming back get confirmed, I happily called up my friends in Mumbai, to share them my news. They all said that another friend who went abroad is also coming back, after 4-5 days of my scheduled arrival. I was in, like "Great....let's have a blast" kind of mood.
It was my second journey by air, even though the 1st one was not so eventful, as I was preoccupied with the worst things of my life, in my mind and didn't bother to look out of the window to see the clouds and sky. This second journey was horrible and funny, with dad's childlike jokes and questions, because he was traveling for the first time.
Finally we landed in Mumbai, checked out and boarded an auto to reach my small room, which is my home away from home. The very next day, again a round of calls were made to my gang, to let them inform my arrival.

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