Saturday, 23 March 2013

Miss you my gals Gang

It seems as if met you all yesterday and you became a very significant part of my life. Life was never so full of fun and yet serious with work, until I bumped into you all... It started from formal introductions and now it feels like we are family. Sharing joys, sorrows, little mischief and so much that happened in these 7 months was incredible to define..

Life is never bed of roses, if it would not be true then I might not be missing you gals so much, even if i have more than a week to spend with you all. Our Saturday lunch started as a fun thing, but became a tradition with time. Every time something new came up to tickle our taste buds and we enjoyed with full heart. Sharing  food was so great, when you have such a great company. Seriously speaking, I never waited for 1 o'clock in my life so eagerly. When I met you all, its like craving to have food at 1 PM and on Sundays, my appetite goes in dormant mode, as I don't have anyone to share the food I cook.

Our last lunch was awesome and thank you to Pihoo, Dhanno, Greendress and Ghazni part2.. hope you all don't mind putting up your office name.. :) I love these names, they would always remain in my heart. It was one of the great times we had. I know the other lunches were awesome as well, but this one is special, as its my last lunch with you all.

Hope it continues for all of you, still If I am not there. I would miss your calls, when I would take a unplanned leave and get sick. No one would call me up and ask, "Hey what happened why are you absent at work today?". With your care that was laced with fun, there is no one to compete you all. for the first time I met a gang of gals, who never used to fight. My fights with Ghazni were more of fun, as per Dhanno, we were named as the Saas-bahu of office. I will miss you Sasu maa... a lot..

We would have Veg Biryani next Saturday, straight out from our Boss's kitchen. yippie... We have a wonderful boss, we are treated with desserts every Saturday after lunch with the special Kulfi...


  1. We all are missing you a lot...sweat heart......

  2. Mastttttttttttttttttt..........

  3. @dhanashree gang of Bhukkad..:)

  4. Bhukkad for your company and of course the yummy food.. :P love u all and miss u lots..