Thursday, 22 November 2012

Painting is not that tough follow your heart to enjoy the art !!!!!

Did i say something wrong? Noo... you are right, painting is not a tough job, but it definitely demands a lot of dedication and a creative soul. Learning the basics are part of your growing years, as when in school, you might have made animals, fruits, birds and flowers on the drawing book. After that we all drift away from the paper and pencil, forgetting what painting or drawing used to be?

There are various mediums of painting, usually people take up;

  • Water colors
  • Crayons
  • Oil paints
  • Ceramic colors
  • Pastel painting
Again the need to explore with the base also varies from person to person. Either you use paper, canvas, glass, wood and clay or cloth. The world is your oyster is the best saying to explore the colorful world of painting.

Pick what medium you love then start drawing and sketching randomly. Once you are a bit familiar with controlling the pencils and brushes, you can definitely be able to begin painting.

Water colors are the best to start experimenting with colors. I loved it in school, but now bit liberal to use acrylic and other materials as well. 

To collect the right size of brush is a must, as it controls how much color you are going to apply on the canvas. a zero size, size 2 and 6 are the minimum requirement for this activity.
Get inspired by everything around you and try to imitate it over the paper. I fondly recollect visiting paddy fields and deserted roads passing through the jungle; which my Art teacher used to escort us to. Being in a boarding school, it was a sense of freedom i used to experience, whenever i stepped out from the main gate, but I used to wonder, why does my teacher used to make us visit the places.

In spite of the happiness and sense of freedom; out of curiosity i asked him "Sir, why do u take us out once in every month to show roads, cattle and mountains that we can see right from the open terrace of school?" He smiled and said, "i don't want you to see a picture and paint the same on everyone's canvas, I want you all to enjoy painting, whatever fascinates you just bind it in your sketchbook, because what touches your heart will remain forever with you."

 His words touched my soul and till now the beautiful scenes he had shown us on the short trips are etched in my mind. I can visualize the cattle grazing there, the little boy looking after them and distant red flowers peeking from the mountain tops. I painted an elegant dancing lady under a tree and flowers showering over her. Till now I can't believe that I have done that thing!!! Her posture, color of the costume, jewelry and everything around her was impossible to be captured so neatly by a 12 years old girl, who really doesn't know much about the art.

I am not a great painter, I paint to be happy, because I love colors, people, places and everything that inspires me.

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