Thursday, 29 November 2012

Love Vs Ego

Does Ego weighs down Love? Who cares in this world about love, forget about true love. Everyone is busy building their own world, they seldom look through the window and notice a regular face smiling everyday at them.

There are hell lot of problems and a world full of worries, still somewhere we carve for a serene place, a calm person to hug us tight and whisper the magical words that turn our universe upside down. Yeah! You are right "I Love You". These words have a spark in them, if you are a person whose heart doesn't only pumps blood, but got emotions churning out every now and then.

You must be wondering, what Gyaan am I going to offer you at this moment? Chill!!! there is nothing a person like me is going to brag about, rather than a set of broken stories that end up nowhere.

Today people run after materialistic goals, ignoring that special someone, who secretly pray for their success and always in the lookout to make you smile. They don't value love, compared to money, fame and personal pleasure.

I came across a guy who never believed in love. He supposed to think that only fools do fall in love. One day through a matrimonial website, he received a call from a pretty gal and voila! it kick started their love story.

When you are in love, care for the special human being in your life. Maintain your self respect and stand tall, but never let Ego spoil the sweetness of your relationship. It is impossible to find love, in today's haywire life style, but if you got that then, I bet you, you are in no point going to lose him/ her.

Love is God's most wondrous gift and no person in a sound mind would ever have the guts to deny the gift. In love two people become one, least bother about your callous ego and enjoy the sweetest feelings you have in the secret chambers of your heart.

Be happy, stay healthy and love as you would never ever lose that person for a fraction of second. Life is not a bed of roses, but together we can walk over the thorns barefoot, until you hold my hands for eternity.

Enjoy life, do love a lot. See you with some interesting stories on my next post...

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