Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Healthy Soul for a happy Life

Have you ever dreamed of being the happiest creature on earth? Definitely at some point of your life you felt it for a while or longer than that. When fellow people get success and you lag behind them, some gut feeling screws up your tummy and forces you to accept that you are jealous, even though you smile outwardly and congratulate them.
It doesn't mean you are evil, it just shows you are one among the other normal human beings facing the most emotional experiences of life. So, what you feel can make a difference to the phase you are going through. Different people have a difference opinion on the same fact. Its you who decide what's best for your emotional and physical health.
Eating healthy and following a routine exercise regime is not everything you need to be healthy and happy. The thing having more significance in life is, the way you accept it and organize as per the positive aspects.
Being happy doesn't mean you don't have trouble in relationships, burden of family or responsibility for your loved ones as well as financial issues.
Emotional stability is from your own existence, you don't need to be a saint to achieve inner peace. Be happy no matter how much stress you face each day. When you enter your house after work, leave your worries and thank god that he takes care of you every waking hour.

  • Set new goals
  • See the positive side of events
  • Stay away from destructive activities
  • Take up some hobbies you love to do
  • Go on vacation with friends or family
  • Incorporate a healthy lifestyle
  • Trust on God and thank him for what he offered you in life
  • Love people and show them that you care
I guess these are few of the basic things that make you happy at least for the time being. Having a happy soul is all about being in a serene condition that doesn't trouble every now and then. Saints are not the only people staying in peace and harmony, you are a human too and definitely got the efficiency to prove your mettle for being the best you can be.